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Perks of being single

Image credit: Colipera
"I’m single because I was born that way.”  - Anon.

I somehow managed to avoid marriage all these years. There was huge pressure from my parents to get married and settled. It is still there. My close friends knew that I am gay and so they don't yell, but distant friends used to question me why I am staying single. Well, I cannot say to them that I am gay, so I used to say I am commitment phobic, not interested in kids and the usual cliche excuses. I will also add that I am enjoying my freedom right now and when the right time comes, when I feel the need for a marriage,  I will do that. No body believes that though, they will conclude that I am having some reproductive problem. I never bothered to correct. Alas! it is a reproductive problem indeed.  Such a small difference with a profoundly huge impact. If I put a beard, people will think that I am depressed and the reason of that depression is not getting some girl to marry. The truth is I enjoy being single.

So, is staying as a singleton, all that bad? Not really, it has some unique perks,
  • better workability (bachelors make promising employees and totally career driven)
  • independence, freedom and turning more creativity
  • can be more social and can maintain friendships (no complications and possessiveness issues)
  • pretty simple money matters - more spending and less saving!!
  • traveling becomes easy and spontaneous (less luggage and bon voyage)
  • more self confidence (tackling problems "all alone" raises the endurance to new levels)
  • less personal responsibilities and burden (no kids and family chores).
  • easy decision making (as no need to indulge in a discussion on every nitty-gritty of life)
  • can spend more time with your parents and give more care to them.
  • lots and lots of "me" time (but using it creatively is a different issue and a difficult task)
  • stay fit and healthy (more gym outings and superbly evolved culinary skills)
  • no need to change your habits, better sleep and no invasion of personal space (gosh, I love my room and my bed, all alone)
  • many datings, sexcapades and multitude of sexual partners (consequences are there, of course!). 
  • no melodrama, painful breakups and emotional hurricanes
  • finally you think about a lot of things..profound introspection, overtly philosophical, a path to enlightenment :) 

And also there are many problems too,
  • you fail to recognize the purpose of your life and this thought can lead to depression
  • scientific evidence shows that single people are more prone to depression, cardiac problems and other serious health problems than married counter parts (34 % more prone to premature death)(alarming rate, isn't it? but these are all statistics, so don't worry much :)
  • research also shows that health benefits of marriage is not a hard and fast rule; if it is not a happy marriage, then it could have been better if stayed single. Divorced men are more or less good for nothing unlike women who performs well after recovering from a difficult marriage..
  • you will be treated as an outcast and even considered perverse especially in traditional/orthodox societal circles.
  • disaster if you fall ill and physically dependent on others
 You always have options for not feeling lonely,
  • you should gather good friends who can be trusted and will stand up for you
  • connect with other decent  single people via social networks or chat sites
  • you can have a pet dog or any animal, who will provide you with "unconditional love"
  • cultivate positive thoughts and indulge in your hobbies
  • books can act as wonderful companions.
Image courtesy: Jamendo
This is what I could come up with being a single man for quite some time. Some of the above points are debatable and strictly my personal opinions. I expect a barrage of disagreements from your part on this topic. Storm your brain and post your comments. Merci!!


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