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Queer Pride - Kerala - India - July 26, 2014 - a welcome change

It is a criminal offense to be gay in India. Even then, a gay pride rally happened in Kerala, the southern most and a quite orthodox state of India. So things are changing, bit by bit. This time, the pride was definitely better as there was sizable participation from our heterosexual counterparts which is commendable because those straight people who participated in the pride will be labelled gay and most probably get bullied later. Still, they showed the courage to come out for the help of their friends, to voice for the rights of their friends. Special kudos for those brave hearts. Previously I had reservations about the pride rallies which often turn  very loud  and slap straight at the face of society, now I think, such rallies are needed, because society will not take notice. 
Some snaps below....To see more go to this Kerala Queer community in Facebook named Queerala

Love to see the kid, at least he learns tolerance.

 All images from Queerala 
Celebrate tolerance and diversity.…

Who will give a seat to a hapless mother in an Indian bus? No body !!!

Just a day after the horrendous and inhuman Delhi gang rape incident, I was traveling via bus to my work place. It was amazing to see that on that particular day, the ladies enjoyed a rare privilege. Usually when a lady enters the bus, she is welcomed by prying eyes and a mixed bag of emotions. But on that day, men were actually competing for relinquishing their seats for ladies, chivalry was the only thing in the air, men very cautious to keep their distance not to touch or everybody was looking with such care whenever  a young girl steps in to bus. Some people even willing to take their luggage, I was totally stunned to see all this. What a wonderful world!! After a few days, everything went back to normal - the usual scanning process and the suspecting looks. 
 Another situation you can see while traveling in Kerala is when a mother carrying a child enters in the bus. Usually when the ladies with kids enter the bus, first they will look at the ladies section with the hope t…

Pink paintings - Part 1

There is a big list of gay artists. Somehow being gay and being a painter is so connected and correlated that many of the great men like Da Vinci, Michael Angelo and Caravaggio give a rich legacy to gay men all around the world. Here are some of the paintings by the masters and contemporary artists with a gay theme or male nudity for that matter!!
Micheal Angelo - The magic of gigantic male figures in virtually all possible poses!!

Joseph Christian Leyendecker - Commerical Gay American  art.

Richard Bruce Nugent - The explicit African American gay art pioneer 

Charles Demuth,Distinguished Air, 1930.  

Leonardo Da Vinci - the master of all times

José Manuel Hortelano-Pi - earthy humans

Ralph Chubb - Contemplation,  1925 

Claudio Bravo - hyperrealism

David Hockney - not so straight world

you are being so much macho - a story told by Harish Iyer

Sharing a status update by Harish Iyer on facebook...

("Hijra" is the term for "transgenders" in Hindi)
("BAHUT MARDH BANTA HAI" - Hindi - "you are being so much macho")

"A blue collored worker in the train bullied a hijra while a couple of others were laughing at his "jokes". i watched like a mute spectator waiting for once for someone to raise a voice of dissent. none did. most of them who were offended, turned to the hijra with a sympathetic eye. i waited for the crowd to respond, and the crowd waited for the crowd to respond. All this while, the hijra who was hanging by the footboard symbolically, (half of hir body hanging in the sky, half on the train) kept a poker face oblivious to the jibes directed at hir. I waited for another couple of stations like a mute fucker in a colony of impotent spectators. The jibes intensified, the look on the hijra's face got even more intense. I always wanted people to fight f…

A message from Transgender community - Video by Ryan Mendonca

Trans-genders are an extremely marginalized community all over world, especially in India. They are born that way (most of them) and society considers it to be their fault. We should better blame "god" for making them "in-between". They are considered a "nuisance" by the society and largely abused. The men who verbally abuse them during the day will sexually abuse them at night. Whatever, they surely can grab attention, whenever a transgender steps into a public space, people turn their heads and stare. Stare and laugh are part of their lives. They don't care and they embrace their unusual self wholeheartedly. They should be praised instead of showering abuse on them. In this video, Ryan Mendonca beautifully utilizes their attention grabbing ability to good use, to convey a socially relevant message, a simple message of wearing seat belt and abiding to traffic rules. Kudos, Ryan!!

The message is in Hindi, but subtitles are hard-coded in English.