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Freedom from everything

Tomorrow my homeland is celebrating her 69th independence day and why not a story about freedom then. The most liberated soul I have ever experienced, Osho, the controversial and late new age Guru, quite adept in telling stories with hidden messages, narrated a beautiful story once in his talks to his disciples, which I think will be perfect for this occasion. Here it comes,
"A man, a great man, a fighter for freedom was traveling in the mountains. He stayed in a caravanserai for the night. He was amazed that in the caravanserai there was a beautiful parrot in a golden cage, continually repeating "Freedom! Freedom!" And it was such a place that when the parrot repeated the word "Freedom!" it would go on echoing in the valleys, in the mountains.
The man thought: "I have seen many parrots, and I have thought they must want to be free from those cages... but I have never seen such a parrot whose whole day, from the morning to the evening when he goes to sle…