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A touching video on bullying gay kids - What if being gay was normal and heterosexism a perversion?

What if gay was the norm? This little parody video says it all, in one imaginary homo-normative world, what a hetero-person, a "different" person in that world, would probably feel and face: a parody on the status of every gay man/woman in this hetero-normative world. I think this will help to make heterosexual people more aware of what kind of alienation and isolation a gay man/women feel in the hetero-normative world, as I feel it is very difficult for many hetero-people to fall in the shoes of a gay men/women. But they may understand it if the story is told in their own psyche, in their own situation, they may relate to it better. Awesome video. Wonderful message. See it. You won't regret.

The IUCN Red List : Guiding Conservation for 50 years

This is an eye opening video by IUCN on animal conservation. We human beings are destroying our mother earth for a long time now and many of the fellow species extinct or about to get extinct. We cut trees, destroy forests, hunt and indiscriminately kill animals, pollute earth, all for our material gains and nothing else; we do almost irreversible damage to earth. Please think about what we are doing to our earth and do support initiatives like this. Make people aware by sharing. This earth is not entirely ours, but we share it with animals, birds, plants and other living things.

Why we need sports?