Sunday, 29 June 2014

Quotes for gay people




I have tried to incorporate all the sources of the websites I referred to. Please forgive me if I missed any one. I did not do that deliberately..


Thursday, 26 June 2014

Sex and the Naked Ape

The three letter word "sex" is more important than the four letter word "food", we admit it or not, it is a fact. Every single second, we think about it. Our every move controlled by it. When a man and a woman come closer, the word starts to float around in their minds. Why sex is so important to human beings? During these times, with so much population all around the globe, it is not really the reproductive purpose which comes to the fore. Sages, in Eastern as well as Western civilizations tried to conquer this "feeling" through meditation and abstinence. In almost all monasteries, the practice of celibacy is followed, as if enlightenment and sex are contraindicated.

Sex is considered dirty, at least by some. We use the "dirty body passages" (through which the wastes are excreted) for doing sex. We use all dirty tricks to get laid down. Even murder is on cards when there is competition. We turn ourselves into wild animals, more like a predator-prey relationship, rather than the poetic lovers. Rapes are rampant. Rape is more mental than physical, even otherwise normal people get involved in such "sex crimes", falling for the crux of a single moment. Sex transforms people, into good or into bad.

Looking "sexy" is the ultimate aim. Every body wants to look like "Brangelina". However talented and gentle a person is, without mirror cracking looks he/she cannot make a mark that easy. The sexy look is always over-rated. We automatically form a conclusion that good looking people are talented. Good looks cloud our reason. We know that the looks are totally a gift from good genes, handy work in gyms or manufactured by using cosmetics. Still we fail to see the "real". A good looking person sans any kind of talent can easily get to top. Because it clouds ones judgement. Sex plays in the background.

The book cover of Desmond Morris's Book " the naked ape"

Whether it is a sexy man/woman, or a not-so-sexy man/woman, they all do the "same things" in their "bedroom" according to our instinct. The "bedroom behavior" normally don't differ much, our instincts too are similar although some variations can happen with cultural and social conditioning - we all do it in the same way, the way we are trained to do, the way of our instincts. As Dr. Desmond Morris states "We have the largest brain of all primates but also the largest penis, and is therefore "the sexiest primate alive". Aha, no wonder we are addicted to sex. Dr. Morris wonderfully describes the human sexual behavior in detail in his book "The naked ape"; well,  I am not going into the details. Read the book and you will find out that we are all not that different in bed. :)

Try this article from Dr. Desmond Morris, it is very informative (link).

Just like the protagonist in the TV sitcom " Sex and the city" quips about men, " all cats look same in the dark". Yeah, true. We need to grow beyond the "three letter word".

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Awesome dance video

Another nimble footed dancer. It is simple and effective. I don't know this guy's details but he is definitely damn good. Enjoy!!!

Another one.

BTW, they are dancing to the tunes of Parov Stellar!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Footballers with hot bod - my picks!

Foot ball fever has begun. Why I view football is not only because it is a wonderful game, but it is a treat to my eyes. Eleven hunks chasing a ball and most of them chiseled and toned like Greek sculptures. As the football field is replete with hot men, it is really difficult for anyone to pick a few as the best "drool-worthy" ones. Here are my picks.

1. Christiano Ronaldo

Unarguably the hottest. The bulky ripped hunk from Portugal. His body is devoid of any hair and looks almost like a wax statue, he is any gay man's ultimate pin-up.

2. David Beckham

This man needs no introduction. Our "good old becks" with immaculate "pecs". The quintessential metro-sexual English man who bends the foot ball  like anything. Hmm. I particularly like the fact that he has no qualms in undressing and showing us his hot body in undies for money, wonderfully well, he is the best dresser among footballers too.

3. Gennaro Guttuso

The Italian hunk with a solid squared body, portrays the picture of a somewhat "wild untamed soul", will look fantastic wearing anything, but he looks better without wearing anything. Besides he is a very interesting chap in that he usually strips down to his undies in football grounds and gives his fans something to cheer up. Love this chap!!

4. Gerard Pique

Wow. The sexy Spanish superstar Pique known for his baby blue eyes, sexy pout and ruffled beard. Any doubt in his sex appeal? No need, the hottest latino babe, Shakira had fallen for him and why would we doubt him.  Lucky you, Shakira!!


5. Fabio Cannavaro

I love Italy. This Italian shortie and  callipygian is rumored to have the "best ass" among the lot. Well, no more comments required.

6. Wayne Rooney

Another Englishman with a sexy body who somewhat qualifies to be a "bear". His body may not be as chiseled and his abs not so fab as Ronaldo, but he too is an eye candy.

 My special pick

The "god of football", the Argentine mini-hulk, Maradona is super hot in my eyes. See "M" in a sexy underwear below and yeah he is shaving, love that!!

Also the double delight of having Guttuso and Cannavaro in Dolce and Gabbana swimwear along with some of their team mates!!! All look so fabulous and I am totally confused at whom to ogle.

So folks, watch football for more!!!

NB: All images googled by the respective names of footballers and retrieved from various websites. I don't own the copyright of any of these images.

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