Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Orlando - I feel hopeless!!!!

Every gay man and woman would have heard the news of Orlando shooting completely terrified and would have froze by the fact that the man who did that was a regular at the "Pulse" bar. He is reportedly a closeted homosexual. Investigation is going on and that is good. But is it enough? Listen to some of the voices which are nothing but abject homophobia. Some were congratulating the killer for shooting 50 innocent human beings. The ridiculous fact is that they were speaking such trash on a completely hypothetical ground in the name of religion and god. They believe god has punished the gay sinners in the form of the maverick shooter. There were many ridiculous tweets which were not only homophobic but misanthropic. Such reactions from society really terrifies me as a human being than being at the gun point. People are justifying the killing of a fellow human being. And what is their fault - they love somebody belonging to their own sex.  Reading such comments actually makes me ashamed of calling myself, a human being. I am far more comfortable being an animal, if this is what human means. These self anointed guardians of faith and religion are the real terror and they spread the intolerance faster than a jet plane. 

 Courtesy: Thoughtcatalog blog

Once renowned Indian author Vikram Seth said that " intolerance is violence and accepted intolerance is violence with the acquiescence of the society". Very true. If society alienates from such atrocities and people who support such atrocities, they will no longer exist. But there are always takers for any kind of atrocities in this world. There are supporters for all kinds of evil. Evil in the name of god. Evil in the name of belief. Evil stemming from ignorance. Evil stemming from fear. Sometimes it seems hopeless. Breaking these shackles is the real struggle. Religion is that kind of evil like the fox in the sheep skin; nobody realizes the impact it causes, until the last moment. It is like a Trojan horse. Deceptive and effective. It clouds logic, clogs mind and makes people slaves. The shackles can be broken only by collective consciousness. collective mindfulness, collective effort; each individual is important and must contribute. Hope for a peaceful world.

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