Friday, 5 June 2015

Silenced springs       Human beings are arguably the most successful species ever walked this magnificent planet. We evolved faster,   innovations and inventions heaping and there starts another problem. We are moving closer to destroying our own existence. Yes, we have turned arrogant. We no longer crave for that balance with nature. Instead we are trying to outrun nature despite the fact that we are just puppets. Every natural disaster actually demands that inevitable humility but we comfortably forget the truth as we are blinded by our arrogance.

In India, especially in my home state, Kerala, natural resources are not scarce. Kerala is replete with thick vegetation and heavy monsoon. The lakes, water sources abound in fishes and other aquatic beings. A variety of flora and fauna brace this land. All this depleting faster, yet we are in a constant denial and conscious slumber. In my childhood, my leisure usually consisted of loitering the backyard, enjoying the beauty of the trees around, listening to birds singing their soul, dragon flies and butterflies lurking around. Rain was so refreshing that we kids run unabashedly and unclothed leaving behind the admonitions of an impending fever from our parents.  This merging of our soul with the nature around instilled a quintessential connectedness which refrain us from hurting nature as far as possible. I enjoyed my childhood in all ways as I got the amazing opportunity to go in tune with nature.  I doubt today’s children ever get that connectedness at all. They are glued to the computer screen so avidly that they often forget to enjoy even this sheer beauty of nature. Mobile phones and the gadgets play their part in the disconnectedness for sure. Agriculture and livestock management can ignite that connectedness with nature, but unfortunately people consider those to be dirty businesses, at least in this part of the world despite being an agrarian country.

          Our interference in the natural cycles had caused many repercussions in the form of tsunamis, earth quakes and climate change. Rampant deforestation, mining and killing spree of animals/birds had resulted in upsetting the balance of our planet. Global warming and melting of polar ice caps no longer remain as science fiction stories. Regaining that connectedness is the key here, I think. Our education should reclaim that connectedness and this world. Every attempt to educate the young on the importance of preserving nature is not futile. June 05, World environment day, is not just a day for planting trees, but should be an attempt to regain our roots. Plant as many trees as you can, don’t throw wastes especially plastics onto streets (rampant in Kerala) and save nature in all possible ways. The future generation is looking forward to us and it is a huge responsibility. We silenced the springs, but we don't know when they will roar back and plague upon us. Don't wait for the precipice to act.

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