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Some thought provoking Short Stories and Images from Nicholas D’Amario

I had some time today, was browsing internet on art, painting and the likes. In the mean time, I stumbled upon a website, not that appealing and some what bland (compared to the usual standards) and my first impression was to bounce back. But I stayed and lucky me, most of the posts were just outstanding, if not stunning views. 

The website was owned by a guy called Nicholas D’Amario. He has presented his digital artworks and some designer jewelry too, but what is worth are his short stories. Presenting two stories I liked most, well, I doubt whether they can be called stories, never mind, they are thought provoking.

1.  Affixed

  " I wish I could have replied to the man in kind as he attempted to pull what was thought to be a simple mask from off my face. Nothing drove him but shear unblinking interest to see from whence my muffled reverberating voice truly emitted from, for he believed no voice could possibly issue forth from unmoving lips; and as the man approached with hands raised towards me I backed away swiftly in retreat. Still again he advanced without pause, my obvious gesture of avoidance dissuading him not.

      With a terrifying thoughtless expression of curiosity on his face, the man tucked the fingers of each his hands under my chin and exerted only a small amount of force making my head and neck unwillingly follow. Again, harder this time he jerked back with his arms peeling away a slight and sudden dark opening.

      It took him more then a moment to notice the thick black oil which began flowing down onto my neck, his hands, and the ground below us as he continued to pry away beneath the cold steel which made up my visage. With fierce determination he pulled, his grip slipping on the smooth now oily metallic surface of what he still believed was but a mask to hide the truth behind. Higher and higher it rose as without acceptance, rather un-surrendering intensity, the man continued tearing, not understanding that the face he saw was the only face I had". (
Nicholas D’Amario, sketchy-stories.)

I liked the ending, isn't this story beautifully painful?

 "I sleep in wonder of this lost and forgotten place where few have come and fewer still remember. None search for its sanctuary and no path tempt any to find it. This clearing of unremembered dreams exists for no one, and here at the heart of its surrounding and consuming forest without depth, I try to remember why I came. 

      It was once testament to meaning and memory and something deeper then both, but now all has faded, blending with the eternal backdrop of the trees beyond. Despite the calm that is induced by its soundless beauty and the urge it brings to simply overlook all things past, my purpose here I now recall… Is to remember.

      There should be something more to this place, I realize in unjust worry. Something which the depthless forest all about has choked off and buried within its horrible splendor. The golden leaves and vibrant rays of sunlight that break through lofty branches seem to exist only to cover what all have forgotten, and if only I could bring to mind the vast grandeur this hiding place of now dying dreams once inspired, then maybe those ever consuming trees would not be here at all".
(Nicholas D’Amario, sketchy-stories.)

 There are more stories in his website. All are this post-modern type short stories which are worth checking out. So read all, it will take only few minutes, but will give fodder for thought.

 His artworks are also petty good, check out them too,

Seeking the empty dreamers
False Mother

For more, Check out his deviant art profile as well.


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