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Androgynous - way to being genderfluid

Androgynous look is becoming vogue, many celebrities endorsing the androgynous look like Adam Lambert, Boy George, the late pop icon Michael Jackson to name a few and  models like Andrej Pejic, Tilda Swinton are considered hot properties in both male and female modelling ramp shows. So, is it bad to be gender fluid? One day you dress like a man and the next day you go out in your smashing and flamboyant female avatar. Well, you need to endure the heavy frowning of our society, you need to think beyond your thick social conditioning to enjoy such a drag and quite sure that those will be labelled as "freak shows". Photographer Leland Bobbe, created some wonderful photographs in his series " Half-Drag" he dismantles the social conditioning and explores the gender neutral stance to a new level. 

As mentioned in his website "His  series, Half-Drag offers a unique perspective on the drag queens behind the make up, while providing provocative social commentary on gender identity, normative ideas about gender roles, and the traditional male/ female paradigm". "Not surprisingly, Half-Drag has gone viral, appearing on over thousands of blogs, websites and online magazines in over 30 countries including Vogue Italia, Huffington Post, ABC News, The Sundance Channel, AOL and MSN".

Enjoy/Frown/Wow upon, but not at all easy to try this in public spaces.
Image credits: Google, Tumblr


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