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Public display of affection of gay people

I don't think there is any difference in love between homosexual  and heterosexual people, there is no homo-love and hetero-love, just love. There is an ingrained belief in the society that gay people love differently. In Western countries, Public display of affection (PDA) between hetero-couples is very common but not so in the orthodox streets of India. It will definitely turn heads if a man and a woman kiss in public or hug in front of a crowd in India. Indian men won't even sit close to a women in transport buses and so did Indian women. But the situation is different when it comes to their own sex. Men can hug or hold hands in India without the ire of onlookers unlike a hetero-couple. Women also act very close in their group which will easily confuse a Western audience. That is the only relief for gay people in India. They can easily disguise their love in the garb of prevalent homo-social environment. Kerala men are definitely more homo-social (Ah, I wish it was more homosexual) than anywhere in India. They hold hands, hug each other, pat shoulders, laugh together, a fairly good amount of bodily intimacy exists which can even extend to sleeping together and bathing together (Well, there are many situations for sexual tension!!!). Not all such intimacy are gay but some definitely are. Moral policing is on the rise in Kerala. Some extremist groups are rallying against love displays in public saying that it is against Indian culture. They cannot even tolerate hetero-sexual bonding let alone homo-sexual affection. Here are some photographs of gay men and women in public setting in this era of moral policing.



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