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Pink Dreams - the magnificient works of gay artist Jim Ferringer

The allegorical and alluring digital photographs of openly gay artist, Jim Ferringer, celebrate male body and male nudity. Some may label the works as pornography, but they are a far cry from pornography, rather come close to the magnificent paintings of Renaissance masters.   

He states in his blog, "I am fascinated and in love with light. It’s what draws me to the art of photography and what I strive to capture in my imagery. To me the art of manipulated photographs is the ability to see and paint with light and combined images. Through the manipulation of images and the overlaying of textures, most of my work ends up looking like paintings. I am captivated by the beauty of men, all men, and have embarked on a journey to explore that in my current imagery. These manipulated photos explore the world of the beauty of the male body and soul. My work is a reflection of my thoughts as I make sense of the world around me. They are my notes as I navigate through. They are part of a process of a releasing of my sense of self and finding what is beyond my limited thoughts. To me, there is something about the beauty of the human figure which stimulates contemplation of life’s deepest mysteries and stories".

I have included some of his works in this post. Some time later, I will post the excerpts of an e-mail interview with him. He was very open minded and gave frank answers to my questions related to the struggles of being gay, male nudity and his art. It was really wonderful to connect with him and I cherish the opportunity to cross paths with such a genuine soul.

a fine balance
boy in venice

Listen to what Ferringer has to say about how he creates such dreamy montages,

“I would describe my work as manipulated figurative photography. All work is created with a Nikon D60 and an iMac with Photoshop CS6. My goal is a contemporary photograph with a reference to painting, history and environment. Light, shadow and color all build stories around the male figure. I try to bring to my photography some of the qualities that Carravagio, Jacques-Louis David, Anthony van Dyck and others brought to their paintings. It is important that my art have a sense of history and mystery”. 

an indulgence of 100 days

black shaman

For more details and to see his amazing opuses, visit the below mentioned links,

Please bear in mind that some photographs show explicit male nudity. 


  1. Unbelievable images! The allusions to early Renaissance art make for an interesting juxtaposition of times and cultures. And I love the look of your blog also.

    1. Dear Donna, I agree completely.........I will publish an email interview with him later in which he describes his art in detail. If you are interested in art and paintings, go through this post as well...

      I am also very much interested in art and painting and I will definitely do more posts on the topic. So whenever you have time, do check out this blog at times.....Thank you very much for visiting my blog and giving your valuable comments. Looking forward to engage with you more.......warm regards.

  2. Wonderful photos. I really appreciate the far-ranging subject matter of your blog- the artistic, the political, the personal and the social aspects. I am getting quite an education from you, Gay Bodhi, about the gay sensibility in India from your point of view.

    1. Thank you are always an inspiration. Yeah, this is my personal blog, I am a mix of all those.........I am an amateur artist and art is my biggest passion......not that interested in politics, but politics forms an important part of our life........i do have an intention to create some awareness on the gay issues, prejudices and homophobia, but i don't want this to be an exclusive gay blog. I will try my best to contribute more....


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