Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pink paintings - Part 1

There is a big list of gay artists. Somehow being gay and being a painter is so connected and correlated that many of the great men like Da Vinci, Michael Angelo and Caravaggio give a rich legacy to gay men all around the world. Here are some of the paintings by the masters and contemporary artists with a gay theme or male nudity for that matter!!

Micheal Angelo - The magic of gigantic male figures in virtually all possible poses!!

Joseph Christian Leyendecker - Commerical Gay American  art.

gay art 

Richard Bruce Nugent - The explicit African American gay art pioneer 


Charles Demuth, Distinguished Air, 1930.

Leonardo Da Vinci - the master of all times

José Manuel Hortelano-Pi - earthy humans


Ralph Chubb - Contemplation,  1925 


Claudio Bravo - hyperrealism


bravo02.jpg  bravo07.jpg

David Hockney - not so straight world

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