More about me

I hail from Kerala state of India.I like to meddle my brain as well as other people's brain with their thoughts and my thoughts. I indulge in talks with people around me, prefer one to one conversations rather than a public meeting. A little introvert but love to talk about anything under the sun. Favorite topics include  philosophy, literature, love, sex, nature, beauty, art and sports.

I love music, art and books are my closest friends. I am emotional but usually don't wear my heart over my sleeves.

I am single and love to stay that way. I believe relationships are possessive and you cannot take that element of possessiveness out of any relationship. A little confused in matters of relationship in that I am not quite sure what I am looking for - a companion, a lover, a mate, an activity partner, a friend or all of these, don't know! I am gay and I am proud to be different from others. It is not my sole identity and I don't make a big fuss about my sexuality. I am out only to my friends and one day I hope to come out to all people around me especially my parents.

You can visit my profile for knowing more of my likes.

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