About this blog

Why this blog?

More for self expression. Plus, It is always good to know others, right! It will facilitate you to learn more about yourself. With that self knowledge, you will become mighty. By spreading knowledge others will become mighty as well. Everything about knowledge is mutual.

What is this blog about?

In this blog I will write about all the interesting things I stumble upon viz., books, films, inspirational quotes, music, videos, images etc. and the casual observations about various situations I will face in my life. 

Did I miss anything? Yes, indeed, I missed the most important topic of the blog. 

The "gayness". Not flamboyant, not pornographic, but more awareness.

Being a gay man, it is my responsibility to write about gay topics and try to make people aware. I can contribute something to that cause, even if it is pretty small in magnitude. Some of my personal experiences will be featured here. Don't expect gross details though. I assure that no profane nudity or explicit vulgarity will be featured in the posts. So heterosexuals will not feel disgusted and are always welcome to this blog.

All are welcome to comment. Please leave your footprints so that we get to know each other and several heads are always better than a lone head. Each and every contribution is worthy. Offensive or abusive comments will be deleted for sure.

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